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“The Sensu Brush’s stylus is just perfect”


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“My first impression the moment I touched the digital paintbrush to my tablet was how natural the brush bristles felt upon the surface. After painting with an unyielding stylus for over twenty years, the sensation of moving bristles upon a digital tablet was surreal, and more importantly, it was fun!.”


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“Most stylus-and-tablet combinations are still only approximations of the pen-and-paper experience, but the Sensu Brush makes you feel like you’re really painting, rather than pretending to.”

—Wall Street Journal

Sensu is Top Pick in Touchreviews!

“Sensu is not only a tool that artists can use to create works of art but is a work of art in itself.”


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“Finger painting is one thing, and using your imagination with a stylus is another, but there’s a real visceral appeal to wielding an actual brush when painting with a digital brush onscreen”


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Sensu Brush Review
“The definitive brush for the iPad.”

—The Verge

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Sensu Reviews
“Tried, tested, loved!”

—iPad Creative

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Sensu Reviews
“Because Why are We All Finger Painting Anyway?”

—Fast Company

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Reviews - Sensu Brush
“The Sensu feels and behaves exactly like a real paint brush. The only difference is that you don’t have to wash the paint out of the bristles at the end of each painting session.”

—The Gadgeteer

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Reviews Sensu
“The Sensu brush will change the way you think about art apps.”

—Liquid Hip

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Sensu Brush Reviews
“We dig that the protective cap can be used to lengthen the otherwise pocket-sized device, providing both bristle protection and proper ergonomics.”


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iPad paint brush reviews
“This smart tool…gives you all the feeling and responsiveness of a real brush without the mess.”


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sensu review apartment therapy
“And the best part is there’s no need to clean up your brush after you’re done painting.”

—Apartment Therapy

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