ArtFlow App for Android

This is a look at the wonderful ArtFlow app for Android devices. A full featured painting and drawing app that has an excellent user interface. Matt from sensu brush shows you around while using his Sensu Solo brush.


Sketches App for iPhone

Tayasui Sketches is a very nice app for painting and drawing on your iPhone and iPad (iOS only). Somehow the developers have managed to pack in most of the great features from the iPad version into the smaller iPhone version. And it works great with our Sensu Solo and Sensu Brush & Stylus!


Pen & Ink App Updated

The Pen & Ink app was recently updated (2/2014). The app describes itself as a watercolor notebook but it is really much more than that. It has excellent sets of tools: brushes, pens, markers and pencils. It allows you build notebooks, has a very nice user interface that I really enjoyed using. You can import images to trace, use up to ten layers, select background colors and choose from several textures to paint and draw on. It is a very nice app and is definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a painting and drawing app.

The iOS app is available in the app store for a free download with several different in app purchases available ranging from $1.99 to $7.99 for the complete set. And of course it works great with our Sensu Brush & Stylus and Sensu Solo!


FreshPaint: A Quick Look Video

Matt tries out the wonderful app Fresh Paint with his Sensu Solo. Fresh Paint has a beautiful user interface and the tools (watercolor brush, oil brush, pencil and crayons/oil pastels) are really fun to use. The mixing palette is great. Download the app for FREE to use on your favorite Windows 8 device.


Introducing Sensu Solo!

The new Sensu Solo is an artist brush designed to help you express your creativity digitally. Solo is built with the same acclaimed brush head as our flagship Sensu travel brush. Our advanced hair technology and construction creates a spring and responsiveness that feels like real painting. The solid anodized aluminum handle is shaped like a traditional artist brush and comes in five beautiful colors.

More on Sketches app

I left out a couple of things about the wonderful painting and drawing app Sketches. When you buy the Pro upgrade for $1.99 you get additional tools and functionality. Don’t forget to use your Sensu Brush to enhance your painting experience!

A Quick Look at Tayasui Sketches with Sensu Brush

We took our Sensu Brush for a quick spin in the app-Tayasui Sketches– and really liked what we saw! It is very responsive, has elegant and minimal UI and an excellent toolset for folks who want to sketch and create on their iPad..

Using ArtRage and It’s Tracing Feature on the iPhone with the Sensu Brush

In this video Matt from Artist Hardware, the creators of the Sensu Brush, gives you a look at ArtRage for the iPhone. In particular the awesome tracing feature.

SketchTime on the iPhone with the Sensu Brush

SketchTime is a great universal iOS app for the iPad and iPhone. Matt and his Sensu Brush give you a quick tour of this fab sketching app on his iPhone.

Analog to Digital and Back Again

Matt of Artist Hardware uses his Sensu Brush and the ArtRage app to quickly investigate a change to an in-progress painting. This is a great way to ‘try out’ a change to your painting before committing it to oil, acrylic or whatever medium you are working in (and remember most apps allow you to import an image).

Foldify App Review

In this video Matt of Artist Hardware takes a look at the nifty Foldify app. This $2.99-3.99 app allows you to create 3D objects using a set of templates that you fill in using the drawing tools provided. Once your creation is complete you can send to your printer, trim out the object and paste it together. Good fun! And it works great with our Sensu Brush..

Hello Sensu Brush

Meet the Sensu Brush. A two-in-one stylus that lets you use a brush or a nib in a stylish and portable tool.

Some New Gestures in Procreate

The latest version of Procreate (1.7.1) has some great new gestures in it. Matt from Artist Hardware shows you a few in this video.

-You can now pinch apart to create a new layer.
-Pinch together to merge layers.
-Swipe right on a layer to reveal some layer options (copy, duplicate and trash).
-Touch down three fingers and swipe left to undo (right to redo).
-Touch down two fingers on a layer and swipe left to reduce opacity (right to increase).

Sensu Brush in the Pine Trees

Matt adds some pine trees to a photo of the Sensu Brush using the app Procreate. The end product will be our Facebook cover image. BLITZEN gets you $5 off and free shipping until Dec 24, 2012. Happy Holidays!.

Three Different Watercolor Brushes

I thought I would do a quick comparison of the watercolor brush in three of my favorite art apps: Paper, ArtRage and Procreate. They are all a bit different, and all wonderful.

Papers watercolor brush creates a stylized edge. You cannot change its size but can control the opacity by painting slower. It also has great color blending. ArtRage is simulating the real thing and does a wonderful job of it. Lots of options available in this app. Procreate also has a stylized edge on its watercolor brush, you can adjust size and opacity as well (like the rest of its tools).

All great apps, buy all three and a Sensu Brush as well!

Paper (by 53) Has More Colors!

The app Paper is an awesome drawing and painting tool which is perfect to use with your Sensu brush. In this video Matt of Artist Hardware takes you along as he tries out the new Color Mixer tool and additional color palettes in the new update which was released on Oct 31, 2012.

Duplicate in Procreate

Matt uses the app Procreate to duplicate and manipulate an image while creating the Two-Headed Sammy.

Quick Look at ToonPaint

A quick look at the app ToonPaint. An app that allows you to convert a photo into a cartoon.

Checking Out the Figure App with my Sensu Brush

Using the Sensu with the new music app Figure is a blast!

Quick Look at the Alpha Channel in Procreate

Matt from Artist Hardware does a quick demo of the awesome Alpha Channel feature in Procreate using his Sensu brush.

Quick Tour of Adobe Ideas

A quick tour of Adobe Ideas. This is an excellent vector drawing app.

Trying Out SketchBook Ink

Matt gives the new sketching app, Sketchbook Ink, a try with his Sensu brush.

Drawing Vanilla Porter with the Sensu brush

Matt Lynaugh of Artist Hardware draws a glass of Breckenridge Vanilla Porter with the Sensu brush, using the app SketchTime for the iPad.

Painting a Portrait with the Sensu brush and Artrage

Matt Lynaugh of Artist Hardware paints a portrait of his son Sam using the Sensu brush and the app ArtRage.

Using Paper by 53 with Sensu Brush

Matt uses his Sensu brush to give you a give tour through the app, Paper by 53, by drawing a coffee cup.

A Cool Procreate Tip

Matt Lynaugh uses the stylus nib of his Sensu to show you a quick tip he learned in Procreate.

Matt Lynaugh from Artist Hardware shows you how to quickly select and add colors into your palette with the app Procreate.