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Analog and digital—have it both ways with Buddy

Simply attach the Buddy stylus cap to your favorite pencil or pen then go digital and sketch on your touchscreen with Buddy or analog in your notebook using your pencil or pen. Using the Buddy is easy. Simply use your fingers to make contact with the Buddy. No batteries, charging or special software is required. You can use the Buddy stylus with your favorite apps and games. Works great with iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, Kindle Fire®, Surface™, Nexus®, Galaxy Tab® and more.

Designed to fit on the most classic of writing implements, the #2 pencil, the Buddy also works on a wide variety of writing tools including Bic® ball point pens, colored pencils, Rotring mechanical pencils and more. The flexible interior of the Buddy allows it to expand and fit on a wide variety of other writing instruments. You can also keep sharp by placing the Buddy over your pencil point for protection while on the move.

Grab your Buddy and make your mark! Only $4.99